Since the launch of the center in 2012 December, SGR India has boosted innovation for the Group. Some key contributions by the R&D team to the businesses are highlighted below.








Our advanced coating technologies are tailored to create glazings for facades with enhanced performance properties (solar-control) that meet the aesthetic requirements of our customers. Based on customer preferences, the R&D team has developed SGG Kopper and Midas, performance glazings have copper and gold tints when viewed from the outside.









A solution is developed for retrofitting of facades from inside of the building with minimum disturbance to occupants eliminating the need for decommissioning of a façade. As part of this solution, a single or a double- glazing unit is added to the façade from within. This solution helps address the challenges of glare, noise from outside and thermal discomfort due to the ambient.






In order to simplify the installation process for interior glass and deskill an otherwise laborious and time-consuming activity, a solution has been developed. The solution is mechanical clip that is designed and manufactured to address these challenges. The clip was developed by working closely with the marketing team by receiving continuous customer feedback.





Primafix is an alkoxy based neutral silicone with superior bond strength used as adhesives for interior glass installation, that result in faster curing, tested and validated for Indian conditions.





A ready-to-use jointing compound for different finishes for plasterboards for interiors is developed. The advantage of this product is that it eliminates the need for onsite skill during the process of mixing and application. While developed for plasterboards, the product can be used on various substrates and has excellent surface finish properties.







Non-structural elements (NSE) are the components of a building which are not part of the main load resisting elements in a building. Historically, NSEs have previously been overlooked in seismic design because of the focus on preventing structural failures first. They include 1) architectural components like false ceilings, partition walls, etc. and 2) mechanical and electrical components. In order to address this, guidelines for the design of seismic resistant NSE components of a building, in line with building codes for India, have been developed and published.







In order to manufacture high strength steering yoke housings for electronic power steering systems in passenger vehicles, a patentable cold forging technology (CFT) was identified. This technology was an alternate to the most commonly used technologies such as pressure die casting or sintering. The novel complete system was successfully launched in 2017.




In order to enable the development of the next-generation automotive glazing that are safe, the defrosting-grid patterns on windshields are optimized for time to defrost and power required by working with OEMs. In addition to windshields, the deployment of this capability has been extended to whole-glazing heating, specific-are heating (such as camera, wipers etc).





A new product for Abrasives was developed that allows the metal matrix of the abrasive product to micro fracture in a desired manner. This new product is suitable for grinding an extremely hard material such as hard ceramics & refractory bricks while giving a free cutting experience & good surface finish due to its propitiatory bond technology.





A new grinding wheel, developed by SGR India, for SG Abrasive business for the Tool room market. The product is a versatile grinding wheel for grinding varieties of metals, from mild steel to high speed steel with a single specification. The product combines versatile bond and higher performance abrasive grain with right microstructure.



The news

SGR India hosted the “Budding Scientists Day”

October 4, 2019: A fun filled 2-hour session where employees could bring their children to the R&D center. It was a treat to watch a delighted group of curious kids next-generation interact with researchers, learn more about materials, and experience some interesting demos….and some of the questions they asked got the researchers thinking as well!

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SGR India recently hosted delegates from MEDEF International

September 9, 2019: SGR India recently hosted delegates from MEDEF International, a non-profit private-funded organisation, created in 1989 by MEDEF, the French Business Confederation. MEDEF International supports trade, technologic cooperation and investments, long-term partnerships, especially on emerging and developing markets as well as reconstruction markets.

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September 24,2019 - : An engaging and interactive session on customer & consumer Intimacy to an audience of 80+ researchers at SGR India by Mr. Manish Makhijani, Global Insights Director, Unilever. Perspectives, insights, learnings and best-practices on working closely with customers and consumers in a B2C space. #saintgobain #customercentricity #innovation #wellbeing #researchanddevelopment .

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September 19,2019 - We had a great time interacting with the kids of the Good-Life Center as they regaled us with their stories….A proud moment for us at Saint-Gobain Research India to see the children unleash their talent & creativity during our visit. The Good Life center, setup in 2015 with support from the Saint-Gobain Foundation, is now home to 160+ children, who are looked after, educated and trained vocationally.

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UTSAV 2019

September 18, 2019: To rekindle the creativity and imagination of childhood in everyone, SGR India launches a series of employee engagement activities themed around “Back to School!” leading up to its family day event “UTSAV 2019”, scheduled on October 4, 2019.

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SGR India Tech Day

August 8, 2019: SGR India celebrated their Annual Tech Day with Customer Centricity as the underlying theme. The event was kicked off with a presentation by Padmashri awardee C.N. Raghavendran, an eminent architect from Chennai.

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Patent Award Night

June 12, 2019: 353 years after the Letters patent was granted in Oct 1665 by Loius XIV to establish the Royal Glass Works, we continue to celebrate the legacy of innovation at Saint-Gobain. The Group in India organized a Patent Awards night on the 12th of June to celebrate the granted patents and recognize the inventors who contributed to these inventions.

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January 29,2019 - Chairman and CEO of the Saint-Gobain Group visits SGR India and shares his views about the performance of the R&D center and his vision for the newly launched Transform and Grow initiative for the Group.

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January 23, 2019 - For the eighth consecutive year, Saint-Gobain has been named as one of the 100 most innovative companies and institutions, according to Clarivate Analytics’ “Top 100 Global Innovators” ranking for 2018.

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Chennai Marathon

January 6, 2019: The 7th Edition of Chennai Marathon, Skechers Performance Chennai Marathon 2019 is the largest sporting event in Chennai, that drew a participation of over 25000 people. One of the few running events in the country that is entirely organized by the running community, the event saw significant participation from SGR India, who had trained for several months leading upto the event. A big cheer to the entire SGR India team that participated in this year’s marathon.

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Saint-Gobain Group in India certified as one of the Top Employers for 2019

January 2, 2019: The Saint-Gobain Group has been certified as Top Employer: India, Asia Pacific and Global 2019 by the Top Employers Institute, Netherlands. Independent research by the Top Employers Institute shows that the Group provides excellent employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent at all levels and strives to continuously optimize its employment practices.

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November 28,2018 - Saint-Gobain announces the launch of the "Transform & Grow" Program. The plan includes acceleration of portfolio rotation, new organizational structure and enhanced operating margin.

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Social Outreach Activities: Support to Good Life Centre, Tambaram

June 10, 2018: SGRI is also actively involved in social welfare activities. One of the examples is the Support we extend to Good Life Centre, Tambaram. Good life Centre is a home for the newly born, abandoned children, special children, orphans and destitute.

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