The business R&D teams of SGR India comprise of teams dedicated to specific businesses of Saint-Gobain India. They deliver on projects for their respective customer business units, leveraging their specific competences and skills, working closely with the competency R&D teams and their worldwide R&D centers.









Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasives, offers powerful, precise and user friendly solutions enabling customers to shape and surface-finish all types of materials even in the most complex and challenging applications across a diverse range of markets. In India, the business markets and manufactures a full range of Abrasives (Bonded, Coated, Non-Woven, Superabrasives and Thin Wheels) serving all sectors of the market that range from Industrial Sectors encompassing Aerospace, Steel, Bearing, Foundry, Wood Working, to Retail, Automotive and Automotive Aftermarkets. The Abrasives R&D teams are continually developing new product offerings based on market needs and new technologies to solve cutting, grinding, and finishing problems, increase productivity, and provide the best option for the application in performance and/or total cost.







Saint-Gobain’s Glass business in India manufactures a wide variety of flat glass products and solutions for architectural requirements. The Glass R&D team at SGRI is integrated with the Global SG R&D centers and supports the Glass business. The focus areas of the team are improving manufacturing processes, developing new value added products and creating new dimensions to application of glass products. Competencies in the areas of glass raw materials and melting, online coating processes, offline coatings, processing, application innovation, logistics, etc are also under development. These investments in cutting edge technologies happens alongside close proximity to customers.










Saint-Gobain’s Gyproc business offers a complete range of products and systems for ceilings, drywalls and plasters along with architectural design support in acoustics, fire safety, thermal comfort and structural safety, for both commercial and residential application. In line with businesses offerings, the R&D team is involved in formulation, characterization and evaluation of plasterboards for different use cases. In addition, raw-material characterization, improvement & optimization of manufacturing processes, design & evaluation of systems & accessories for simplified plasterboard installations and development of light-weight systems for internal & external applications are other key focus areas for the Gypsum R&D team at SGR India.









Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is the world's leading producer of engineered, high-performance polymer products, and serves virtually every major industry across the globe. The output from these businesses support these key industries ranging from Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Life Sciences, Habitat & Food-and Beverage markets, with advanced technology polymer products for the most demanding applications. At the R&D center in India, system-integrated-solutions, manufacturing of bearings and application development of global high performance plastic components for customers, such as benchmarking, testing and designing tape solutions for automobile and 2-wheeler markets are key activities. In addition, the R&D center also develops and validates solutions with tubings and single-use assemblies in order to meet the requirements of high quality for laboratory, medical and bioprocess industries.









Weber is the world’s leading industrial mortar manufacturer providing innovative solutions encompassing tile and stone fixing solutions, technical mortars and insulation systems. In India, Weber offers a wide range of highly technical products suitable for tile and stone fixing and concrete works such as Tile and Stone Fixing, Waterproofing Solutions, Wall Construction, Tile and Stone Grouting, Flooring Solutions, Tile and Stone Care and Application Tools. From swimming pool to parking lot, interior, exterior and walls, Weber offers reliable and durable products suitable for a wide range of projects. The R&D team is currently exploring advanced formulations to meet the highest technical specification from both durability and functionality point of view. In addition, simplification of the installation and application process by the end user based on customer needs and habits are other key focus areas for the R&D team. .









Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials Division develops ceramic-based solutions for industrial customers. Our range of products include advanced ceramic grains for abrasives, powders for thermal barrier coatings, refractories for glass (SEFPRO) and metallurgy (Performance Ceramics & Refractories - PCR), wear resistant ceramics, ceramics for energy and water filtration and more. It is important to note that SEPR Refractories (SEFPRO) is a pioneer in manufacturing Fused Cast and Sintered Refractories for Glass Furnaces and is currently the largest producer of refractories exclusively for various types of glass melting furnaces. At SGR India we work on improving our manufacturing processes for reducing defects and increasing yield, localizing raw materials, developing application test methods, building value proposition for our products and new product development to name a few. The R&D support is expected to provide our regional ceramics businesses, the much needed product differentiation, process innovation and overall competitive edge.